About us

About us

A couple of words about our team

MERIDIAN has been active on the construction services market since 2005. So far, we have managed to accumulate solid experience and work with a wide variety of facilities, objects and materials.

Our team is made up of young, energetic people, each of them with extensive length of work and vast experience. All of our professionals have been trained and have specialised professional education. Our specialists regularly attend seminars and master classes by global manufacturers of building materials, undertake internships to improve their skills in the design and construction industry.

We are not afraid of large objects or facilities, complex work or solutions off the beaten track. Moreover, individual design solutions and exclusive projects are exactly what we specialise in. Renovation is something that should be entrusted to professionals. So, entrust it to us.

Why choose MERIDIAN?

MERIDIAN provides finishing and construction services across Eastern and Western Europe, in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Our goals are: a) a high-quality renovation of your facility, whatever the complexity level; b) a satisfied customer.


  • Experience. We have extensive experience in construction and finishing works of different scales, complexity levels and with the use of different materials.
  • Speed. We know what a renovation is like and that it can potentially last an eternity. To prevent this eventuality, we set deadlines for each stage of work and adhere to them painstakingly.
  • Responsibility. We pre-agree with the customer all cost estimates, terms and materials. Everything is documented, after which it is not in our interests to break the rules.
  • Innovations. We work with modern equipment that allows us to optimise finishing processes, expand the range of possibilities and find new areas for the application of our skills. E.g. one such area is the mechanisation of painting works.

Quality. All of the above points, coupled with a team of wonderful specialists, guarantee a high-quality renovation.

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