Artistic smithery

Artistic smithery

Bizarrely curved lines, the pleasant roughness and the rich warm colour of the metal, which still remembers the experienced blacksmith’s hand, create a special atmosphere in the interior and exterior of a modern cottage or flat. Art objects made of decorative metal are most often used as elements of fences and banisters, window and balcony bars, unconventional furniture or lamps.

At MERIDIAN, the one in charge of creating metal works is Anna – a sculptor, who is the author of paintings and drawings, monumental bas-reliefs, sculptures and art objects made of decorative metal. Anna has over 17 years of experience in designing works of artistic smithery. She also participates in decorative metal festivals across Eastern and Western Europe.

Metal works give the interior a certain brutal power while preserving within themselves the warmth of the furnace and the spiritual strength of the blacksmith, who has invested the entirety of their imagination and technological mastery in their creative concept. Every artistic smithery master has their own trademark techniques and secrets, which make the interior elements they manufacture special.

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