Complex renovation

Complex renovation

MERIDIAN offers a comprehensive suite of design and construction solutions for the highest-class objects and facilities. We specialise in residential and commercial properties, where the most modern construction technologies are used, – as well as in customers with the most demanding requirements.

We offer a comprehensive suite of construction and finishing works, both interior and exterior. We also offer services in the installation of utility lines: water supply and sewer lines, heating and underfloor heating facilities, installation of wiring and other electrical facilities, including those for audio and video equipment. We provide ceiling finishing works of any complexity, including radius gypsum stucco molding, wall installation and wall finishing (using all kinds of modern finishing materials or technologies – decorative plasters and coatings, murals, stucco molding, panels, bas-reliefs and much more). We work with any floor covering materials inside and outside the courtyard area as well as with non-threshold joints of floor coverings of different types.

We work with objects of all sizes. Whatever we renovate, be it small flats or huge country houses, shops or offices, our attitude to quality is always uncompromising. Full compliance with the guidelines for the technological process, attention to detail, a careful study of different materials’ compatibility, delicate taste – all these allow us to provide high-class flat and cottage renovation services.

 We work with ready-made projects, but we also offer the services of professional architects and designers capable of realising all your wishes by comprehensively transforming your space and giving it a new image, which suits your tasks and is in tune with your fantasies. We consider all your needs when designing an optimal space for life or business. In the course of our work with a ready-made project, we will achieve efficient interaction with the designer or architect, whose direct supervision may be necessary.

Our team consists of professionals with specialised training, extensive work experience and a constant striving for excellence. We undergo regular training at workshops and seminars dedicated to the most modern construction technologies. Our team employs specialists with training in art who are capable of creating art objects of any complexity.

Our advantages:

  • Work experience of more than 15 years + 20,000 sq.m. of renovated property altogether.
  • Our team brings together true professionals, each with his or her own strong specialised skill set, who work together toward the common result.
  • A team of true professionals with specialised training in construction and/or art.
  • We work with the highest-quality, most modern and environmentally-friendly finishing materials.
  • A full range of services from a single contractor will allow you to have your cottage renovated (complex renovation) or your elite-class cottage built with maximum efficiency and speed.
  • We only use the most modern equipment and tools from the professional lines by the world’s top brands.
  • All team members come from Belarus – an Eastern European country whose people are famous for their diligence and patience, which guarantees a scrupulous attitude towards your object or facility.

If you still have questions regarding high-quality construction and finishing works, please contact us.

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