Decorative coatings

Decorative coatings

The variety of building materials allows to realise, as fully as possible, all of the designer’s and customer’s fantasies in the course of flat renovation or cottage construction. During our 15 years on the market, our finishing and decorative work specialists have handled a great variety of different decorative wall and ceiling coatings produced by the world’s leading manufacturers. Previously, decorative coatings were mostly found in the palaces of very wealthy people, e.g. the Venetian doges, – and this is where the term ‘Venetian plaster’ comes from. Today, thanks to an extensive choice available and to the efforts of designers and architects, decorative coatings can be found in ordinary flats and cottages renovated with high quality.

First and foremost, there is a wide range of different decorative plasters by famous brands such as Oikos, Spiver, SanMarco, Ferrara Design, Giolli and many others. Second in popularity are decorative paints producing thinner and less textured coatings – but offering another set of no less captivating visual effects, e.g. colour transitions, which are characteristic of gradient coatings.

Apart from decorative plaster or decorative paint, silver or gold Dutch metal is often used to add various effects and bright accents. There is an immense number of ways in which this material can be used to decorate your interior and make it more luxurious and attractive.

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