Decorative plaster

Decorative plaster

It is difficult to describe finishing materials, because there are indeed no words in our human tongues powerful enough to convey the beauty of some of them. Even the most masterful photographs cannot always reflect the textural properties and functional potential of some of the finishing materials. Take a look at the “Venetian plaster” – behind the marbly gloss and deep glow, there are the breath of antiquity, the nobility of classical art and the beauty of the Renaissance.
Due to the wide variety of its types, decorative plaster places no limitations on the designer’s imagination. Unique decorative coatings for walls and ceilings are obtained using it. Decorative plaster will give your room a unique style. You can get exactly the relief and surface colours you need. With the help of decorative plaster, you can add the “cracks” effect to an old wall, or, on the contrary, give it an absolutely smooth and glossy surface.

Venetian plaster. This phrase appeared as a result of the literal translation of the term ‘stucco veneziano’. It is a decorative multi-layer coating. This kind of plaster mix is produced with the addition of marble chips and slaked lime. Its structure is fairly homogeneous. It became widespread in ancient Rome, where a lot of dust and small particles remained on the floors of workshops where marble was processed. They later began using the dust and particles as a finishing material.

Visually, the finished layer resembles the surface of natural marble or onyx. Correct finishing with the use of Venetian plaster requires particular mastery. It should be applied with a flexible rubber spatula, with thin strokes, in several layers (5 or 6), each layer requiring thorough drying. The material is quite expensive, but the resulting effect fully justifies the high costs. Most often, Venetian plaster is used as an element of antique- or classical-style interiors. It is also used in Baroque-styled interiors.

Thanks to a variety of application methods, a surface can be rendered matte or glossy. The plaster is intended for indoor use only. The mixture can be tinted. It is available in containers of 8 and 16 kg. The surface to be decorated must be clean, even and dry. Before facing, it is recommended to pre-reinforce and then putty and prime the walls. Failure to follow the technological guidelines can lead to the formation of cracks on the decorative plaster, which are very difficult to get rid of.

Apart from a stone surface, Venetian plaster can imitate precious metals, if coloured using special pigments. Applied in interior design, this type of finishing material can make a room appear more spacious thanks to light refraction. This kind of coating often serves as the basis for complex panels and frescoes.

«Wet silk» – this type of coating resembles the surface of a fabric and contains pearlescent particles imitating the iridescence of flowing silk. Tinting is allowed (any colour). The basic colour variations in which the coating is produced are: white, gold, garnet, silver and bronze. The resulting surface is highly moisture-resistant and perfectly tolerates wet cleaning. A great decorative plaster for kitchen walls.

«Sea Breeze» – the coating has a translucent structure with a slight pearlescent glimmer to it. Fine-grained sand is added to the composition. It can be tinted. The basic colour variations in which the coating is produced are: gold, white, garnet, bronze and chameleon. Used for interior decoration.

Ottocento Antico Velluto — the result of substantial research allowing to experience the splendid decorative potential exhibited by materials of the past years. Its innovative formula, free from any toxic substances, allows to create an infinite number of shades and hues. The product is designed to reproduce the old-fashioned shades of velvet fabrics

Kreos — created for those who expect the decoration works to give their space an antique-style appearance. The product is absolutely solvent-free, it is vapour-permeable and scratch-resistant. Recommended for use in public areas: schools, hotels, restaurants.

Raffaello Dekor Stucco – a natural lime plaster created in full accordance with the traditions started by Venetian craftsmen. Its natural composition guarantees high vapour-permeability and safety against mold and bacterial growth.

Raffaello – a product with a huge decorative potential; has a smooth matte surface.
Thanks to natural lime, a component of the material, the surface will “glimmer” when levelled out with a stainless-steel spatula.
Raffaello Madreperlato – a pearlescent version of Raffaello. The material, intended for interior walls, gives them an exquisitely noble and beautiful appearance. Applied to the walls, the material will make the whole room look truly prestigious. The rich range of colours will give both modern-style and classical-style interiors a much nobler appearance.

The use of Coccio Antico guarantees high vapour-permeability and safety against mold and bacterial growth. The terracotta, which is one of the product’s components, add warmth to the walls, help highlight the chosen colour and make it possible to produce the so-called «Coccio Pesto» effect. The product is presented in two colour palettes – warm classic and innovative cold.

Multidecor – a special acrylic paint with a huge decorative potential.
This material allows to achieve unique decorative effects. Mixing Multidecor paints and using various tools, one can achieve captivating decorative effects – all tailored to the customer’s taste, style and needs. Some of the common techniques for using Multidecor are spugnato, tamponato, legnato, gocciolato, spatolato, alonato and nuvolato.

Pallas – a monochromatic decorative paint giving the surface a silk-like appearance and texture. The material shows a myriad of shades which change depending on the lighting, which is particularly visible on the curves of the surface. It allows to satisfy the most demanding requirements in the field of decoration by imitating the luxury of antique tapestries, which, in the past, adorned the most prestigious estates. The rich colour range proves this product’s versatile capabilities.

Granada — the result of scientific research which has led to the creation of a modern product reproducing the variety of antique décor. Iridescence produced by the multi-level paint and smooth transitions of halftones, obtained as a result of the product’s application with a spatula or brush, create an amazing effect, which, cannot but “catch the eye of the beholder”, as Shakespeare may well have said. Granada allows to reproduce luxurious antique décor; it can also help realise the designer’s most daring ideas for decorating modern rooms. The material guarantees high quality and abrasion resistance.

Nevada — the idea of creating Nevada emerged during a historical research in the ancient Spanish province of ANDALUSIA. This is one of the few places where people live in complete harmony with nature. Nevada’s unique feature is that it is absolutely solvent-free. This product has achieved 2 goals: 1) the constituent components are based on environmentally friendly products; 2) the composition allows to protect the surface from negative external influences. It combines colours, contrasts and the decorative effect produced by GOLDEN particles, which give the walls an extraordinary depth of colour. Nevada’s colour palette impresses with its variety of shades and hues – from golden subtle halftones to rich contrasts, from cold shades to a beautiful soft gold, from a slight glimmer to brilliance and radiance.

Travertino — a natural lime plaster, which gives the surface the appearance of natural travertine stone, which, due to its strength, sound absorption and high decorative properties, has been widely used in the construction and decoration of buildings for various purposes for many centuries. Travertino is a synthesis of the ancient art of decoration, based on using natural components, and the latest technologies of producing decorative material. Depending on how you combine Travertino’s components, you can get a wide variety of surface finishes, e.g. the texture of cut or polished stone or the appearance of solidified lava or sand dunes. Travertino is a material which allows to obtain various colour shades, texture effects and gives both the interior and the exterior a high decorative value. The coating is highly vapour-permeable, temperature- and mold-resistant.

IMPERIUM by Oikos — a decorative metallised paint for interior surfaces which allows for decorative effects involving a wide range of shades. “Gold leaf”, “silver leaf”, “gold dust” and gilded finishes fill modern interiors with splendour and prestige, enriching them with valuable history-related elements, directly reminding the beholder of the chic of historic villas.

Clabbin — a decorative metallised coating with golden glass beads from Swarovski rhinestones designed to give the surface a velvety-sandy appearance.
The paint impresses with its trademark play of light, which is made possible by special pigments contained in it, which produce an elegant interplay of gold, silver and gloss.

JAZZ MEDIO is a natural paste-like decorative plaster made according to an old recipe – but with new technologies used, which allows to create coatings with the appearance of slightly patinated, semi-matte marble. This one is marked by excellent transpiration, shows excellent antifungal characteristics (due to the disinfecting properties of lime) and can be applied to surfaces both in the interior and the exterior. It hardens as a result of a chemical carbonation process, that is, when the product’s main binding agent, slaked lime, reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form calcium carbonate – the main component of marble. Thanks to its characteristics, it is used as a high-quality finishing material in prestigious residential and public spaces.

Biamax by Oikos – a decorative interior paint with fillers of exquisite granulometric properties based on acrylic resins in a water dispersion, vapour-permeable, highly abrasion-resistant and with low environmental impact. The material is available in 2 versions: 03 (grain size: max. 0.3 mm) and 07 (grain size: max. 0.7 mm). Considering the significant coverage of the material, BIAMAX can be used directly as a coloured finishing material to give the décor on the wall an irregular antiquity-like texture and can also be used as a preparatory material for creating exceptional decorative finishing products. Due to its enhanced granulometric properties, Biamax 07 can also be used as a finishing plaster, white or tinted.

Caravaggio — decorative material giving the surface the unique appearance of light velvety plaster – and a delicate scent of rose. Caravaggio – the most diverse application of this material, powered by the true master’s creative imagination, can help achieve multiple decorative effects, combining the valuable properties of Venetian plaster with the initial elegance and softness, so much characteristic of the Greco-Roman culture.

Suede (suede leather-like paint) has a unique composition designed to give various surfaces a suede-like appearance and feel. Applicable to all indoor surfaces. Just like regular paint, it can be easily applied with a roller or brush. Before applying Suede, one must cover the surface with Interior Paint as a colour background. The material has 45 shades, but can be given any desired colour via tinting.

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