Stucco molding

Stucco molding

Stucco molding as an element of interior design is gaining popularity. Rosettes, cornices, skirting boards, columns, friezes, moldings and other decorative elements of interior design allow for making accents, adding decorative elements to walls, highlighting the junctions of walls and ceilings and for much more. All this can be implemented by using stucco molding in flat or cottage renovation.

Stucco molding can be used not only as an element of classical-style interiors, but also as a means to create accents during modern-style renovations of flats or cottages. Stucco molding can be applied not only indoors, but also in exterior design for façade decoration.

Our specialists have vast experience in using this architectural element in flat and cottage renovation. Most often, we use plaster to make spectacular skirting boards and cornices, including gypsum cornices, which are very difficult to create but never fail to make an indelible impression on the beholder.

Apart from gypsum, especially in cases where it is necessary to create a massive pattern with a minimum load on the wall, our specialists can use lightweight elements made of foam or polyurethane, which are highly durable and are therefore good for the exterior. Despite the seeming simplicity of working with plastic stucco moldings, it is very important to strictly comply with the technological guidelines and apply only high-quality materials guaranteeing the durability and good appearance of the stucco molding on the facade.

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