Decorative elements of interior design

Decorative elements of interior design

In modern interior design, various decorative elements are actively used to add individuality to the flat or cottage being renovated, to bring out the style, to add a touch or even to imitate an entire era. We actively use decorative elements in interior design and also have extensive experience in their manufacture.

Among the most common decorative elements we work with while renovating flats and cottages are bas-reliefs of various types, gypsum and plastic stucco moldings, multiple types of decorative panels, decorative stone or faux stone sidings as well as wall murals. Thanks to our extensive experience in the implementation of decorative elements in home renovation, we will be able to realize any of the customer’s ideas or fantasies.

Decorative elements such as bas-reliefs, panels and murals require a professional training in art, exquisite taste and high qualifications. In our team, there are several experienced artists specialising in decoration who can handle the most complex of highly artistic projects and recreate the style and elements typical of any historical era while performing finishing works. As far as murals on walls and ceilings are concerned, we can reproduce works by famous masters, depict landscapes, panoramas or apply the customer’s images.

Stucco molding in the interior is a very multifaceted and varied element, which allows to bring out the style and luxury of the interior. Rosettes, moldings and cornices allow to decorate walls and ceilings, make allusions to the architectural styles and interiors of the Greco-Roman culture or the Renaissance. However, stucco molding can look organic not only in classical interiors, but also in interesting modern projects, where these elements can create interesting accents. Our specialists work primarily with classical gypsum stucco molding. They have perfectly mastered the technology of creating high-quality accurate solutions. Among novel materials, there are molded elements of interior design made of foam and polyurethane, which allows to minimise the load on the walls and ceiling and implement the most complex solutions.

Our rich experience in creating decorative elements of interior design allows us to solve any of our customers’ most complex tasks. If you still have any questions regarding the implementation of decorative elements in interior design, please contact us for advice.

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