Water supply and heating

Water supply and heating

Water supply and heating systems play a very important role in the renovation of a modern flat, owing to their important role in ensuring the comfort and quality of life. Heating systems and modern plumbing equipment make it possible to get great pleasure from hygiene procedures.

At MERIDIAN, the one in charge of heating system installation and plumbing work is Yevgeny – a highly qualified expert with specialised education and experience in implementing plumbing projects of various complexity levels, from laying metal-plastic pipes to laying elite-class copper pipes. Experienced plumbers with substantial knowledge in fields such as heating, water supplies and sewerage systems work under Yevgeny’s supervision, repairing cottages and flats. Our specialists have implemented solutions involving floor-mounted heating, console convectors and more classical options involving decorative radiators produced by the world’s leading manufacturers.

We provide services in the installation of heating systems, in the installation and piping of boilers during house construction, in the routing of pipes and sanitary ware connection points throughout the house and in the installation of heating and filtration manifolds. We provide plumbing works of any level of complexity, including the installation of concealed mixers, slotted drains, installations, “warm walls”, decorative waterfalls, laundry room arrangement and much more.

Cooperation with leading designers allows us to offer an integrated approach, which includes a full range of plumbing and heating services and much more. If you need to have a plumbing project developed or to agree one, you can contact us at any time and get competent advice – and something else: a full package of documents, the conclusion of a contract for the performance of plumbing repair works, high quality services and an optimal cost estimate.

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