Concrete Art Stucco

Concrete Art Stucco

Concrete Art Stucco is actively gaining popularity as a material applied in the renovation of flats and loft-style houses. Above all, in flat renovation, this type of coating is used in humid rooms as a creatively distinctive decoration material for the walls of bathrooms and shower baths, but it can also often be found as an element, an accent in the decorative plastering of walls of public premises and living rooms. There are various methods of applying the material, thanks to which you can recreate a complete imitation of a smooth or textured concrete coating, including an imitation of the texture of wood with traces left by the formwork, which has recently been removed.

The popularity of Concrete Art Stucco as a material for a high-quality and stylish cottage renovation can easily be explained by its functional and consumer characteristics coupled with a highly impressive appearance. This plaster type has the following advantages:

  • The plasticity and fine texture of the plaster’s composition facilitate its application and subsequent polishing and guarantee obtaining a perfectly smooth coating with a pleasant saturated colour;
  • But even such a reflective surface does not make the material slippery and therefore allows you to apply it to floors;
  • The Concrete Art Stucco coating is very practical to use in the renovation of modern flats. The degree of colour saturation does not change under the influence of ultraviolet radiation;
  • The Concrete Art Stucco’s low hygroscopicity determines its long service life and high strength;
  • The Concrete Art Stucco coating is not afraid of humidity;
  • Owing to the exclusive use of high-quality mineral components, the Concrete Art Stucco coating is completely hypoallergenic and completely environmentally friendly;
  • The wide range of colouring pigments and the variety of the sizes of their particles allow for obtaining a wide variety of artistic solutions for renovating a modern house or office.

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