Bas-reliefs are now not found as often as before in the interiors of modern residential buildings or flats, but, in terms of expressiveness and artistic effect, they outshine all other elements of interior design. Previously, bas-reliefs were primarily found in the palaces and estates of the nobility, but today, this artistic design element is way more accessible, not only as an element applicable in the classical-style renovations of cottages, but also as a bright accent for modern interiors.

 Our specialists will help you make your interior more original by using bas-reliefs when renovating your flat or house. Our team has qualified and experienced specialists who have created many interesting works. Our artists usually work with gypsum and decorative plasters, using them as plastic masses from which 3D-masterpieces are born. However, if the implementation of an artistic idea requires the use of wood, concrete, clay, stone or metal, this will not cause our team a single difficulty. After all, the main thing for a true master working on an artistic bas-relief while renovating a flat or a cottage is a creative approach to the concept.

The subject of a bas-relief on the wall of your house can be a landscape, a floral motif, a scene from or a reproduction of a particular work, an image of an animal or some abstract motif. In some cases, a minimalist bas-relief can add dynamism and flavour to a modern Art Nouveau-style design.

In the modern design of a house or a flat, a bas-relief can have both decorative and completely utilitarian functions, for example, conceal the wiring, an HDMI cable or the secret door of a safe or cache.

Our specialists will be happy to create bas-reliefs and murals on plaster during the renovation of your house or flat. Here is why you should choose us:

  • Over 15 years of experience + 30 bas-reliefs in our portfolio.
  • 2 artists on our permanent team + cooperation with 3 more proven specialists.
  • Working with a wide variety of materials and technologies, from gypsum and decorative plaster to clay, wood and polyurethane.
  • High quality of work: strict compliance with the technology and attention to detail.
  • Maximum practicality – the surface of the bas-relief is easy to maintain

If you want to decorate your flat or cottage with bas-reliefs or murals on plaster during its complex renovation, please contact us with any questions and for any clarifications. We will be glad to answer any questions regarding artistic bas-reliefs in the interior of your apartment or house.

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