Utility lines

Utility lines

Both flat renovation and cottage construction necessarily include installing utility lines. No construction project can be implemented without effective solutions regarding the installation of water supply and drainage lines, heating and air conditioning systems, power supply lines and low-current electrical facilities for computer, audio and video networks. Also, the comfort of living as well as the cost of using a commercial or residential space depend on the quality of the design and the quality of utility line installation.

Specialists on our team have extensive experience in completing projects requiring the installation of all the utility lines inside the facility. Working with some of the facilities in our portfolio, we were required to follow detailed architectural projects. Working with others, we had to develop utility line installation projects from scratch all by ourselves.

On our team, there are experienced electricians with all the necessary qualifications and permits as well as plumbers who work with plastic and copper pipes and with all kinds of modern heating systems. When installing power supply lines and other electrical facilities in a flat or a cottage, our specialists use only high-quality materials which have the electrical and fire safety characteristics necessary for solving the problems dealt with. All the works are performed with high-quality and certified tools.

Our extensive experience in working with utility systems, highly qualified staff and the constant monitoring of modern trends in the world of construction allow us to implement cutting-edge construction solutions and link them with complex Smart Home operating systems.

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