Decorative panels

Decorative panels

The decorative panel is one of the most beautiful and unusual means of interior decoration. Its composition produces an emotional and psychological effect, adds unique individual features to a living room, office or any other kind of premises. Under different lighting conditions, depending on the lighting angle, the texture of the panel can appear more voluminous and contrasting due to the play of shadows. Any relief painting or panel, even slightly textured, looks a lot more spectacular with lighting directed from above.

Using decorative panels as interior design elements in flat or cottage renovation allows to create the individual artistic image of a residential or public space, demonstrate taste and emphasise wealth. Our artists will help you reproduce the brightest and most vivid images and recreate your favorite style and era using decorative panels.

Designers and architects often use decorative panels in classical-style renovations of houses and flats, but one can as well build abstract panels into modern and high-tech interiors. In the stylish design of modern offices and residential areas, decorative panels can depict scenes from famous works, exotic animals and birds, landscapes and city streets. Any subject can be reproduced in a panel in the course of elite-class renovations of cottages and apartments.

Each and every drawing or painting created as part of your interior always reflects your character. The artist is only a conduit between your idea and its realization! Experiment and enjoy the masterpiece created!

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