Electrical works

Electrical works

A modern flat or house is simply entangled in electrical wiring. Many household and office appliances require there to be an electrical socket or wiring supplying power to lighting systems. In this regard, electrical works are becoming a very important part of renovation and construction processes. Our specialists have the experience and expertise to tackle even the toughest electrical supply challenges.

We are ready to assist you in the development of the necessary electrical work project, to carry out electrical project examination or to accurately implement your solutions in the field of electrical work.

Our company has specialists with appropriate training and the permits necessary to perform electrical work, specialists in computer and telecommunications networks. In our portfolio of facilities handled, there are solutions involving hundreds of meters of wiring and electrical fixtures, separate secure lines, pre-separated audio and video systems.

In our work, we only use parts and components by the most reliable manufacturers of electrical products, safety and switching systems, cables and wires. We will offer you the best modern option for laying the wiring inside the floor screed in secure channels, which will help save on preparatory work and the length of the cable to be laid, while observing high electrical safety standards.

In case the customer’s house has electrical or underfloor heating, our specialists will offer the optimal solution based on the area of the room and the tasks set and offering maximum efficiency (including energy efficiency).

Benefits of working with us:

  • Professionals with the necessary training and permits
  • Development of a project for electrical work, examination of the existing project
  • Extensive experience in electrical work at facilities of various sizes and complexity levels
  • We use cutting-edge solutions in electrical engineering
  • In house renovation, we only use components by well-known and reliable manufacturers
  • High quality of works
  • Attention to the smallest details when implementing an electrical project in your cottage

Among the projects we have implemented are interesting solutions for the installation of power supply utilities. You can take a look at the objects we have completed and contact our specialists for advice regarding electrical work.

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