For developers

For developers

For builders, developers and contractors on construction projects, Meridian offers complex and demanding work for projects of any complexity. We specialize in interesting and unusual projects and works and can offer the highest artistic level and very precise and meticulous implementation.

Having in their luggage more than 50 completed objects in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, on which our specialists were able to implement many interesting and non-standard solutions, such as laying all types of communications, art painting, creating bas-reliefs and volumetric art panels, stucco moldings, applying decorative plaster, etc. artistic decorative painting, production of forged interior and exterior elements, production of wooden panels, artistic laying of tiles, mosaics, natural and decorative stone, parquet and much more.

We work only with professionals who have reached a high level in their field through special basic education and constant self-training at specialized seminars and conferences organized by manufacturers of high-quality building materials. Our team consists of only masters of their craft, for whom a professional image is very important. That is why we can guarantee a very high quality of each object. For questions about cooperation, miscalculation of estimates and other clarifications, just contact us!

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